About Us


SP Associates was formed in 1969 under the leadership of John Twells.  In 1971 Al Edahl purchased the firm and became SP Associates’s second President.  Our current President, Gabe Hill, who joined the firm in 1973, took over ownership in 2001.

Gabe Hill                                                                                                           Joel McIntyre


Over the years, much has changed in the way we conduct business, but what has not changed is the effort it takes to locate candidates who will truly make a positive difference for our clients.  

Today, SP Associates is comprised of industry professionals who all recruited high-caliber employees prior to joining the Executive Search industry.  We understand our client’s perspective because we have been there ourselves.  Our proven processes and diligence ensure that the candidates we submit are absolutely the best available.

We would love to talk to you if you need to add someone to your team or if you are a professional who is considering making a change.  

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